Slides, swings, complete playground equipment, goal posts: PRM Rotomoulding produces all that and a whole lot more! We can create custom designs for all your plastic toys and have nearly thirty years of experience in the toys sector.

  • Extensive design possibilities
  • Interesting solution in terms of costs
  • Small production runs from fifty pieces also possible

Together we make the most beautiful products! Please pitch us your idea.

Custom-made plastic toys.

Plastic is the perfect material for all kinds of (outside) toys, e.g. slides, swings and playground equipment. As a specialist in plastic rotational moulding, we create and manufacture custom-designed toys.

High-quality plastic toys

Children are always looking for new challenges and experiences when they play. We specialise in the production of custom-made toy products that meet our clients’ every wish and requirement. We consistently strive for excellent quality. On top of that, we carefully test all plastic toys we produce, because the safety of our products is paramount. Good to know: it is also possible to have us create a 3D scan of your toys, so we can make sure that the product’s shape and size meet your exact specifications.

Plastic slide or swing

An excellent example of a product that we regularly produce for our clients is the plastic slide. We can produce self-supporting straight or spiral-shaped plastic slides with a wide range of designs, dimensions and colours. Another popular product is the plastic swing, e.g. single-seat swings, baby swings, double swings and nest swings. Whatever you want, we can create it for you. If you have an innovative idea for a new kind of toy, we are happy to help with its design and manufacture as well.

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From the initial idea up to the realisation of your plastic products: we are your partner throughout the entire process.

At PRM Rotomoulding, we can manufacture plastic products for a wide variety of applications via rotomoulding. We invite you to challenge us with your request.

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How we work

Coloured plastic toys

Plastic offers many benefits when it comes to the production of toys. One of the main advantages is that you can choose any RAL colour you wish. That is essential for toys with a cheerful design that appeals to children. From red and blue to bright purple: anything is possible with plastic toys.

Custom-made plastic toys

PRM Rotomoulding uses rotational moulding for its custom-made plastic toys. The major advantage of this production technique is that the possibilities in terms of the shape of plastic toys, e.g. slides and swings, are nearly endless. We will create a custom mould for your product in whatever shape and size you want (with dimensions up to 6.5 metres!). Once the design is finished and your mould has been produced, you can reuse it over and over again. The mould is therefore a one-time investment, which makes plastic rotational moulding an interesting production method for your plastic toys from a financial perspective. Another benefit is the fact that even small production runs (from fifty pieces) are possible.

The finishing of your plastic toys

It goes without saying that PRM Rotomoulding will give your plastic toys a perfect finish to guarantee their optimal appearance and quality. As with the design and production of your toys, the possibilities for the finishing touches are myriad and include drilling, milling and sawing via robot processing, as well as the complete assembly of your product. We can even add codes, numbers and stickers. From start to finish, the production of your plastic toys is in good hands with us.

Having your plastic toys made

Do you want us to design and produce your custom-made plastic slides, swings or other toys? Our expert engineers are eager to tackle any challenge you have for us. Contact us today.