Plastic rotomoulding

Rotomoulding is the name of the process that we use to produce single- and double-walled plastic products. Among other materials, polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) can be used to produce plastic products through rotomoulding.

  • Extensive design possibilities
  • Interesting solution in terms of costs
  • Small production runs also possible

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The possibilities of rotomoulding are virtually endless.

Rotomoulding can be used to produce a wide range of products, e.g. toys, protective hoods for machinery, floaters, liquid-/fuel-storage tanks, parasol stands, flower bins, car bumpers, mudguards, etcetera. The possibilities are virtually endless.

The possibilities of rotomoulding

Because of the wide range of possibilities that rotomoulding affords, PRM Rotomoulding is active in a number of sectors, namely:

Having plastic products made

PRM Rotomoulding has special machinery to facilitate the rotomoulding production process. With it, we can produce your custom-made plastic products in a wide variety of RAL colours, shapes and sizes. We even have the largest rotomoulding machine in Europe, which allows us to manufacture products with dimensions up to 6.5 metres.

How does rotomoulding work?

The shape of your product is determined by the mould. That is why any rotomoulding process begins with designing a custom mould. Our experienced engineers create a custom mould for your product, which is stored in our warehouse after its initial use so it can be used again in the future. The mould is filled with a plastic powder and then heated up until this powder has melted. Next, the mould is slowly cooled down so the plastic solidifies. The plastic coats the inside of the mould and forms your product. Throughout the entire process, the mould is biaxially rotated. This process is the same, regardless of whether we are producing a plastic slide, liquid-storage tank or protective hood. The possibilities are virtually endless.

PRM can also take care of the finishing and assembly of your product, to take even more concerns out of your hands and off your mind.

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From the initial idea up to the realisation of your plastic products: we are your partner throughout the entire process.

At PRM Rotomoulding, we can manufacture plastic products for a wide variety of applications via rotomoulding. We invite you to challenge us with your request.

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The benefits of rotomoulding

The benefits of plastic rotomoulding are clear:

  1. Extensive design possibilities. We can create products of any shape and size, with dimensions up to 6.5 metres.
  2. Your initial investment in a mould is relatively low, compared to other production methods. The major advantage is that a mould is a one-time purchase. After its initial use, it can be reused endlessly.
  3. With rotomoulding, it is also possible to produce small production runs (from fifty pieces).
  4. Rotomoulding offers maximum flexibility at a relative low cost.

Small and large production runs with rotomoulding

We want to emphasise one of the aforementioned benefits of rotomoulding. From a cost perspective, rotomoulding – contrary to injection moulding – is definitely interesting when producing small- to medium-sized production runs. Rotomoulding can be the ideal solution for production runs from just fifty pieces, because the technique requires a relatively low initial investment for the manufacture of the custom moulds and because the machinery can be set up quickly. Of course, we can also produce larger production runs for you. Rotomoulding is perfect for production runs up to several thousand pieces.

Optimal all-round support for rotomoulding

Our machinery is perfect for the rotomoulding of hollow products with a wonderfully smooth and seamless surface. We can create virtually any single- or double-walled plastic product. We already gave some examples above. Based on your wishes and ideas, our engineers create a custom design for you. Once you have approved the design, our experienced professionals will create a mould of the right shape and size and your product will enter production. In other words: PRM Rotomoulding offers optimal all-round support during the rotomoulding production process – from initial idea to final product.