In the past thirty years, PRM Rotomoulding has produced thousands of products with a wide range of shapes, colours and dimensions. A few years ago, we entered the offshore sector, where we now deliver all sorts of plastic products.

  • Extensive design possibilities
  • Interesting solution in terms of costs
  • Small production runs from fifty pieces also possible

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Custom plastic products for the offshore sector.

Plastic and water are a perfect combination, which is why we produce a range of products for companies in the offshore sector, e.g. floats and buoys. We also specialise in custom-made products. No matter what you want, we can manufacture it for you with rotational moulding.

Plastic products for the offshore sector

For a few years now, PRM Rotomoulding has been supplying specific plastic products to businesses in the offshore sector, e.g. plastic floats and buoys. That should come as no surprise, since plastic and water are a perfect combination. Plastic is corrosion-proof, lightweight and yet quite robust. All this makes plastic far more sustainable than traditional materials.

Plastic floats and buoys

As mentioned, plastic is an ideal material for the production of floats and buoys. At PRM Rotomoulding, we use materials like polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) in the rotational moulding process to produce plastic products. Both PE and PP are lighter than water, which makes them perfect for the production of floats and buoys. Furthermore, plastic is cheaper and more sustainable than other, more traditional materials. PE and PP are low-maintenance, corrosion-proof materials, partially due to the fact that dirt hardly sticks to them at all.

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From the initial idea up to the realisation of your plastic products: we are your partner throughout the entire process.

At PRM Rotomoulding, we can manufacture plastic products for a wide variety of applications via rotomoulding. We invite you to challenge us with your request.

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Custom-made plastic floats and buoys

Plastic affords great flexibility in terms of a product’s design. That means we can produce floats and buoys in myriad shapes and sizes. PRM Rotomoulding is the proud owner of the largest rotational moulding machine in Europe, which allows us to produce both small and very large products (with dimensions up to 6.5 metres). The choice is yours! Whatever you need, our engineers are happy to think along with you about your ideal custom-made product. Another benefit of rotational moulding is that even small production runs are possible, which is perfect if you only need circa fifty plastic floats or buoys.

The benefits of plastic rotational moulding

The shape of your plastic float or buoy is determined by the mould we use in the rotational moulding process. Our expert engineers create a custom mould just for you. That means virtually all shapes and sizes are possible. The advantage of this mould is that it can be used over and over again after the initial production run. In other words, you invest in the mould once and can then use it for years to come. Another benefit is that even small production runs (from fifty pieces) are possible with rotational moulding. Lastly, rotational moulding produces hollow plastic products. This means that your plastic product has multiple uses, instead of just the one.

The finishing of your plastic product

Of course, PRM Rotomoulding will perfectly finish your plastic float or buoy. The possibilities are endless: drilling, milling and sawing via robot processing, as well as adding coding, numbers and in-mould stickers. What makes PRM Rotomoulding unique are our flexibility, speed and the fact that we control the entire process from engineering to production and finishing. Because we manufacture all our products ourselves, we can deliver them to clients straight from the factory, without any third-party involvement. We can produce and deliver your custom products quickly and you can always count on our expertise.

Having your plastic products made

Are you looking for plastic floats, buoys or other plastic products? Our expert engineers are eager to tackle any offshore challenge you have for us. Contact us today.