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We are the #1 specialist in plastic rotomoulding


The possibilities of rotomoulding are virtually limitless. PRM Rotomoulding can produce plastic products with a large variety of colours, shapes and dimensions. We can also cast inserts. Together with our engineers, you decide on the specifications for your product. We will then use these to create a unique design.

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The shape of your product is determined by the custom mould that we create for you. Good to know: after using this mould for the first time, we will store it in our warehouse. That means you can use it as many times as you wish.

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Here is how rotomoulding works: first, we fill the mould with a plastic material and heat it up until this powder has melted. Next, the mould is slowly cooled down, which allows the plastic to solidify. The mould is biaxially rotated throughout this entire process of heating and cooling. The plastic coats the inside of the mould and your product takes shape.

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Your product is done and taken out of the mould. Next, our professionals put the finishing touches on your plastic product. Think of e.g. adding holes, covers, specific numbers and codes or stickers. We can also purchase and install external components for you.

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Quality is essential. It goes without saying that a product has to meet a client’s specific requirements. That is why we carefully inspect your product at every stage of the production process. We can also scan your product with a 3D scan, which tells us if your product’s shape and dimensions meet your exact specifications.

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If you do not want to worry about the transport of your plastic products, we can arrange for them to be delivered to your doorstep. To do so, we work together with a number of professional transporters in the region. If you would prefer to pick up your products yourself, that is also possible. We can even (temporarily) store your products and deliver them to you on a just-in-time (JIT) basis.

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We are the proud owner of the largest rotomoulding machine in Europe. It allows us to manufacture products with dimensions up to 6.5 metres.

From powder to endproduct in three steps

Step 1. Fill the mould with plastic powder

The mould is filled with plastic powder in the RAL colour of your choice.

Step 2. Close, heat, rotate, cool

The mould is closed, heated up, biaxially rotated and cooled down.

Step 3. Your product is formed

The plastic solidifies and forms your product on the inside of the mould.